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von Nina Hynes Transplant Records 17.09.2018 Copyright

Goldmine is a dream come true.
This project was crowd funded.

Goldmine is dedicated to the last princess of Lithuania, Marina Guinness, Yves Leseure and to the Goldmine of our life Caia Leseure.

This is the project of Nina Hynes and Fabien Leseure
Arrangements by Fabien Leseure , Nina Hynes and Sean Carpio
Songs by Nina Hynes

Recorded by Fabien Leseure at Pickering Forest, Brussels and Berlin

Thanks forever to the crowd-funders who supported this project.


released May 13, 2013

Musicians: Nina Hynes, Fabien Leseure, Sean Carpio, Benoit Leseure, Reuben Maher, Ger Griffin, Daniel Bodwell, Simon Fagan, Margaret Hermant, Daniel Zongrone, Sacha Rattle, Daniel Moegilin, Johannes Henschel,
Heidi Mockert, Irene Dietzel, Eva Cottin, Derek Ullenboom, Damir Bacikin, Mauro Sarachian, Jean-François Durdu

Singers:Nina Hynes, Fabien Leseure, Sean Carpio, Katrin Martick Tichy, Katrin Hahner, Daniella D'Ambrosio, Eric Eckhart, Ken Burke, Ibadet Ramadani, Aspiro choir

Photos by Ivi Rebova
Art Work by Redman AKA

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