The Lone John Harps

The Lone John Harps

The Lone John Harps, also known as Mathew, revealed the meaning behind his songs to us. We are always very happy to see people who simply try to live as if they are already free and start trying to do what they think they need to do in their lives but neveretheless reflect on their own actions. Mathew, for example, tries to do what he loves to do: playing music as much as he can and wants to.

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Maike Rosa Vogel

Maike Rosa Vogel

Maike Rosa Vogel is a German singer-songwriter with heart-warming songs that most of the time still remain socio-critical to the core. We had a very enjoyable evening with her at the Inicat Session in September. We very much recommend to listen to her songs!

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360° music video with Peter Piek

360° music video with Peter Piek

This is how we already supported artists since Inicat has been launched: We even recorded a 360 degree music video for Peter Piek!

Watch the 360° music video of Peter Piek's "1st song"
Mutz - Get Me Nutz

Mutz - Get Me Nutz

With his deep voice and „sarcastic, ruthless, shameless and pretty filthy“ but still charming style, Mutz let‘s you dive into the sphere of his catchy acoustic folk rock songs. Enjoy!

Listen to Get Me Nutz by Mutz
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    Recorded by Fabian Jung at Brickwork Music Berlin - 2017
    Produced by Jung & NODARLING
    Mastered by Gabriel Biuso in MARTILLO Studios - 2017 - Bs As
    all songs composed by NOdarling
    foto by LAFAKEreleased Nov , 2017
    Kike del Bianco - Vocals - Guitars & Synthesizers
    Kay Degner - Space Drums
    Pedro Strelkow - Bass & vocals
    El fulminador - Remix
    SHITFACE - Remix
    7,00 €
    Transmisser 9 Tracks
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    The extraterrestrial vocal power of Feline paired with a wonderful mixture of theatrical opulent sounds. What more could you want...
    9,00 €
    OUT 11 Tracks
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    Live Recordings and Maike Rosa Vogel

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    Maike Rosa Vogel is a German singer-songwriter with heart-warming songs that most of the time still remain socio-critical to the core. This was a very enjoyable Inicat Session for us and are glad to have shaped such a lovely evening with Maike, Nina, friends and other music lovers.

    By now, we have released a row of live recordings from the last few sessions. Have a look through our channel and you might find some really enjoyable songs that you like. :)

    We encourage you to support Maike on Inicat where you can also download her beautiful songs:

    Inicat Session in Berlin on October 26

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    Bewerbungen für die Inicat Session am 26.10. in Berlin könnt ihr jetzt an uns schicken: :)

    Wie immer soll das Konzert gemeinsam mit zwei möglichst zueinander passenden Bands im kuschligen Culture Container gestaltet werden. Die Auftritte werden mitgeschnitten und für die auftretenden Bands von uns fertig geschnitten zur freien Verbreitung gestellt. Backline ist teilweise vorhanden.



    Now, we take your applications for the next Inicat Session in Berlin at Culture Container (26th October): :)

    As always, the concert should be organized with two bands who are well-suited to each other. The performances will be recorded and send to the bands for free. Backline will partially be there.

    All the best,

    Your Inicat Team

    Inicat Session with Maike Rosa Vogel and Nina Hynes

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    So ein schöner Abend mit Maike Rosa Vogel, Nina Hynes und all den vielen lieben Menschen, die zur Inicat Session gekommen sind! Danke euch! Uns hat das sehr viel Spaß gemacht mit euch. :)


    We had such a great evening with Maike Rosa Vogel, Nina Hynes and all who came to the Inicat Session! Thanks to all of you!

    Nina Hynes (+ Band) and Maike Rosa Vogel

    Inicat Team plays Karrieresong (by Konny) at Culture Container

    Inicat Session in Berlin on September 21 [Musicians wanted!]

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    Bewerbungen für die Inicat Session am 21. September im Culture Container werden ab jetzt angenommen! Einfach hier einen Kommentar oder Nachricht mit eurem Künstlerprofil an schicken. :)

    ...und ladet eure neuen Songs gerne hoch, falls ihr das noch nicht getan habt. ;)

    Für alle, die die Inicat Session nicht kennen:

    Die Inicat Session hat den Anspruch die Kreativkultur vor und fern der Kamera zu fördern. Bei der neuen Sessionreihe treten zwei, vom Stil möglichst passende Bands auf. Im Anschluss soll es eine offene Bühne geben, bei der Musiker spontan vorbeischauen können. Alle Auftritte können an dem Abend mitgeschnitten und den Künstlern kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Vor Ort soll auch Musik von Künstlern, die ihre Songs bei Inicat veröffentlicht haben, abgespielt werden, mit Hinweis über Titel, Interpret und wo der gerade abgespielte Song erhältlich ist.



    The Inicat Session will take place at Culture Container in Berlin on September 21. All performances will be recorded by 5 cameras. We will edit the live recordings afterwards so that you can use them for your own promo! Open stage afterwards!

    Sounds good? Leave a comment or mail if you want to participate:

    Upload your new songs to your artist page and contact us if you want us to share them via our social channels.

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